First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


I want to share with you my unsolicited advice on parenting and every day living, along with my family’s quirky adventure in this thing we call life. You may not agree with me on a lot of things and that’s okay. Everyone has different experiences and deal with things differently this is just my take on the world and what I think may help out others like me. 
But first…… I’m a first time mommy, first time wife. We have less than 3 months left in our pregnancy adventure and let me say I’m ready for the finish line! I’m also a full time art student and I work full time, some days I question my own sanity and don’t know if I can make it through another day of being over worked and stretched thin, but I’ve got a pretty awesome support team next to me. My hubby and I also have 2 puppies and a cat, which I’m sure everyone will eventually get tired of hearing about! 
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my families growing antics and our crazy life along with my advice on how to make it through the crazy situations.